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A Visit From A Loved One

March 12, 2013


On Wednesday night/Thursday morning my cousin was taken to the hospital. That night/morning there was the smell of cigarette smoke in our room that lasted for only a few seconds, I then felt someone next to my bed, I had cold chills even with the covers on. I felt like someone was watching me. I […]

A Relaxing Space

March 4, 2013


Most of the time I can pretty much relax anywhere but there are times that I need certain things in my life and I need to connect to the earth or I just need a quiet space with candles lit, incense burning and sometimes a little Native American music or soothing music that feeds my […]

What’s Your Mood, What’s Your Thoughts?

March 1, 2013


What’s your mood, what’s your thoughts? Yes this is my question for all of you. As for me this week I have been doing a lot of reading, writing in my journal and watching videos. It has been a week of thinking about numerous things. It has been a week of telling people my truth […]

Books, Books And More Books!

February 9, 2013


So happy today! I just received my books, Anatomy of The Spirit by Caroline Myss and The Book Of Chakras by Ambika Wauters. I can’t wait to read them. Also I got my new deck of oracle cards, Angel Dreams. I can’t wait to start working with them too. I am in a few groups […]

What Are you Reading?

February 1, 2013


At the moment I am reading several different things. I am reading about auras and how to read them and see them, reiki and many other things. I didn’t purchase the books I did get them from the library, I find it is easier this way. If I don’t like the book for whatever reason […]

Interesting Week

January 29, 2013


So far, yes I know it’s only Tuesday, but it has been really interesting so far. I have been looking at many pictures of others and able to know things about the person in the picture. Yesterday I was asked to try to see someone’s aura, I was able to see a bright white and […]

What Goal Are You Working On?

January 15, 2013


Now we are in the second week of January, are you working on your goals or did those just become something with just good intentions?  I hope that all of you are working on your goals and if you have stopped I hope this will remind you to continue or to start again on your […]

A New Year A New Beginning

January 3, 2013


We are now into the new year and hopefully you are starting a new beginning for bigger and better things in your life. I feel like this is the year for many things to happen and for life to be better. Before the end of 2012 I did a lot of thinking about things, what […]

Getting Ready for 2013

December 28, 2012


Are you ready for the new year? Do you have goals all set and ready for action January 1st? There is many things that I want to do in the new year and I have set many goals. Some may know some may not I am still writing and I will be finishing my book, […]

My Ghost Story: Caught On Camera and More!

December 17, 2012


The 2 episodes that our team was in has finally aired. We did get a copy of the shows however we do not have them linked to our website, yet. That will happen soon and when it does I will put the links here so you can all watch. Now that the shows have aired […]