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A Relaxing Space

March 4, 2013


Most of the time I can pretty much relax anywhere but there are times that I need certain things in my life and I need to connect to the earth or I just need a quiet space with candles lit, incense burning and sometimes a little Native American music or soothing music that feeds my […]

Spring Is Here!

March 26, 2012


So excited that the weather has been really nice. I love being outside especially in the spring. Like most I have been doing some cleanup and getting the plants ready for summer. I did manage to get the flower beds cleaned up last week, roses pruned and chairs put back in my little area so […]

A tribute to our soldiers

April 28, 2011


In our yard we add not only flowers but statues as well some are religious, some are just for fun but this one is for our soldiers, for the many men and women that has protected our country and still continue to do so without them we would not have the freedoms that we have […]

Beautiful Sunshine

April 13, 2011


Finally we have some nice weather, I am so happy about that but at the same time see all the work that needs to be done outside. Not major things just a lot of little things. I am looking forward to getting it done, maybe if I am lucky and the weather is nice tomorrow […]

A place to relax

April 11, 2011


Here lately I have been thinking about ways to make a little space in our yard more peaceful and relaxing, not sure what else I want to add or get rid of! At the moment there is roses, those will stay, but I am not so sure about the flower pots. I know I will […]