A Visit From A Loved One

Posted on March 12, 2013


On Wednesday night/Thursday morning my cousin was taken to the hospital. That night/morning there was the smell of cigarette smoke in our room that lasted for only a few seconds, I then felt someone next to my bed, I had cold chills even with the covers on. I felt like someone was watching me. I woke up and looked to my right, I saw a shadow. Not thinking much of it I went back to sleep. My dad called me Friday morning and told me that they took my cousin off of life support. She died from an aneurysm. She was already gone way before Friday. I have been numb for a few days as I deal with all of this and process all of this. I am not sure how many others in the family she visited but I know I feel honored to be chosen.

You will be missed Alicia! I love you! ❤


Posted in: Spiritual