A Relaxing Space

Posted on March 4, 2013


Most of the time I can pretty much relax anywhere but there are times that I need certain things in my life and I need to connect to the earth or I just need a quiet space with candles lit, incense burning and sometimes a little Native American music or soothing music that feeds my soul. I wanted a space to meditate and I had thought of doing one in the same area that I did my exercise but as much as I thought it would be great it just didn’t feel right. What did feel right was putting my things in my bedroom, next to my bed. I am still working on that but hope to have it completed this week. Why is it taking so long? I need 2 shelves so I can put up my items that my cat would destroy if they were on a lower surface. It feels right to have it there. I do have an area outside that I love! I am looking forward to getting outside and cleaning the area, trimming the shrubs and making the space my own again. Feeling the earth on my bare feet, grounding and connecting to Mother Earth. My plans for this year is to also plant some herbs. I am getting back to my true self of who I am and where I am on my journey in life.