What Are you Reading?

Posted on February 1, 2013


At the moment I am reading several different things. I am reading about auras and how to read them and see them, reiki and many other things. I didn’t purchase the books I did get them from the library, I find it is easier this way. If I don’t like the book for whatever reason I can return it and I saved money, if I love it and would read it again then I would consider purchasing the book.

Here is my long list of books that I will update you on as I read them or return them. The subtle body: an encyclopedia of your energetic anatomy, The power of Reiki: an ancient hand-on healing technique, Invoke the Goddess: visualizations of Hindu, Greek and Egyptian deities, Earth, water, fire and air: essential ways of connecting to spirit, Life colors: what the colors in your aura reveal, Medicine of the Cherokee: the way of right relationship, The smudging and blessings book: inspirational rituals to cleanse and heal, How to see and read the aura, The EFT manual, and Healing secrets of the Native Americans: herbs, remedies and practices that restore the body, refresh the mind and rebuild the spirit. I know a long list! It’s all part of my journey and learning experience.

What are you reading? Are you learning? Is it part of your journey?

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