A New Year A New Beginning

Posted on January 3, 2013


We are now into the new year and hopefully you are starting a new beginning for bigger and better things in your life. I feel like this is the year for many things to happen and for life to be better.

Before the end of 2012 I did a lot of thinking about things, what needed to be changed, what I needed to learn in 2013 and other changes in my life that was important to me. So far I (and I know it’s only been 3 days) I have kept my goals in mind and have worked toward that every day. Have you?

Today I have thought about stories that I want to write about, I think I have 3 books in my mind already and will be getting them all down on paper. However, I want to share a story with you, something that took place about two years ago.

After going to bed and going to sleep I began to have what I thought was a dream. My dream showed my best friend, her little girl and I at a house that she lived in growing up, I know this house really well since I stayed there as much as I did my own. In this dream we were sitting in the living room, we was playing with her daughter. Suddenly her dad appeared, her dad has been gone for several years, he had  on a suit that had medals from when he was a policeman. He was smiling not saying a word but showed us his bible that he had in his hand. I woke up because I felt that someone was watching me only there was nobody there. I was freezing not on the outside, my skin was very warm, I was freezing on the inside. I asked many people about this dream and what it meant, only one could tell me. You see, my best friend’s dad came to visit me to give me a message to give to her and her mom. The message that he made it to heaven.  I talked to her about this not to long ago, she thinks it’s cool, I think it’s honor to be chosen as the messenger for her message.

It seems my journey is growing quickly, I am excited about what’s to come but even more I am excited to be a messenger of hope, a messenger to help those that are hurting, a messenger to those that need answers.

What will your 2013 be like? Will you be a messenger?