My Ghost Story: Caught On Camera and More!

Posted on December 17, 2012


The 2 episodes that our team was in has finally aired. We did get a copy of the shows however we do not have them linked to our website, yet. That will happen soon and when it does I will put the links here so you can all watch. Now that the shows have aired we will be doing another and final youtube series about the old hospital, we did an investigation there one last time and caught some cool things there including a piece of wood that shot across the floor when nobody was around. I will share this link with everyone once it is finished.

We also did an investigation at the Crump Theater in Columbus, Indiana, not only with our members but also with those that won the drawings at each presentation location. We had some cool things happen there as well, this also will have a youtube video and I will share the link when it is finished.

Recently I submitted a story to an online magazine in the UK, they accepted my story, some had to be changed and made shorter due to the limited space. Still I am very excited that it is in the issue, this story was also submitted to another online magazine, The White Crow, I have not heard if it will be accepted or not but that magazine doesn’t have the next issue until March so I will let you know about that as well and will post the link for this magazine.

I will ask you the same question that I asked the ones that I am teaching, what is it that you would love to learn?

Until next time,  Love and Light!

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