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Could this happen to you or someone you love?

August 17, 2012


Every day, every second someone is being abused what would you do if the following happened to someone you know or even yourself? She was nervous on her way home from work and not sure why really but hoped that it wasn’t going to be another night of him yelling and hitting her until she […]

What are YOU Reading today?

August 8, 2012


Like many I enjoy reading books doesn’t matter if it is on a kindle, computer or an actual book, the book that I am currently reading is Picture Yourself Developing Your Psychic Abilities by Tiffany Johnson, I have to say so far this book is a favorite of mine and one that I will keep […]

Animal Totems

August 2, 2012


Yesterday while in the shower washing my hair I closed my eyes just to relax a little, when I did that I saw myself walking through an opening of a woods there was trees on each side of me, I wasn’t alone, to my right was a white wolf, the wolf walked with me through […]