Resolutions for the new year

Posted on December 20, 2011


Like many I also have a New Years resolution, ok, more than one this year, but really I think my decisions for these resolutions sorta presented itself and made it easy for me to decide that was what I not only needed to do but wanted to do.

One of those resolutions is to eat healthier and do a little more exercise, I know right! But I had a routine checkup and blood work done and my cholesterol is up 20 points, now this could be because I had 2 inner ear infections and being stressed about the yearly pap, mammogram test but I would rather not take the chance of ending up on meds without at least bringing it down myself or trying to anyway. My doctor is the one that suggested this as well, I think she thinks the same that it has to do with stress and sickness. If I don’t do this and I have to take meds than I have nobody to blame but myself for being lazy, if I do all of this and still have to take meds well then that is more than likely genetic so we shall see.

The others mostly has to do with just learning new things and to write more. Again it will be up to me if I fail or succeed and how much I want it. It is really sad when people think that they can do nothing and everything will just fall into their lap and it doesn’t work that way really, you have to do some work.


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