Being a Sensitive

Posted on October 12, 2011


In some of my blogs I have talked about being a sensitive or empath as some would say and I wanted to explain what a sensitive/empath is:

A HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) not only is sensitive to noise, tastes, smells, sounds, moods and emotions of others, pain, etc. but
they also have a special light about them that attracts spirits to them. Some people are born this way (I am one of those) and others become more sensitive
to a degree by doing paranormal investigations. The difference that I have noticed is that for me I have these experiences all the time for others who
also investigate with me only have this happen at  investigations or sometimes during the night, especially around me when a spirit wants my attention.  Everyone will not always be sensitive in every way mentioned above, for ex: they may at times during an investigation feel the emotions or pain of someone passed but not feel those for the living, for me I feel both of the living and the dead. For those that live with someone who is a sensitive that feels others emotions, etc. just be aware that the emotions may not be their own, they could be happy one minute and sad or upset the next. One thing to remember is don’t lie to someone who is a sensitive or empath, we may not be able to prove it but we know all the same and tells us you can’t be trusted about other things either.

The best way I have found to deal with all of this is to listen to music and I need to be outside and if I can’t I exercise, this centers me, not only am I physically able to do things but mentally as well.

Over the next  few days or weeks I want to focus on things like this to help those who may read this and not know about certain things such as chakras, etc.

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