My World Today: Mind and Spirit

Posted on October 4, 2011


As the month of October gets under way normally my days are wonderful, stress free and without worry for the most part, however things are a little crazy at the moment, people who I love and care about are not the people I thought they were. This makes me very sad.

Other than that there is still a lot of activity here in the house, shadows when there shouldn’t be, voices are heard next to where I am sleeping as clear as can be that is on the nights that I sleep, it seems a day or two after a night where I can’t sleep someone passes away, not someone who I know just someone who leaves this world. I think on the night that this happens I need to just wake completely up and just center myself and see what happens or light some candles, incense and just relax. I honestly believe my mind and spirit needs this desperately.

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