Interview today

Posted on March 8, 2011


We did an interview this morning with Dr. Emma Mellon about dreams, very interesting book and a must read for everyone. It was at this time that she asked me about this blog now mind you I didn’t think anyone read this so I didn’t write very much but I guess from now on I will. Thank you Emma!

This week is revival week at our church, Westport Christian Church, we have 2 more days left. Steve and I are filming this entire week, it is almost like Sunday every day since that is what we do on Sundays! lol

We have done a lot of investigations this year and doesn’t seem to want to slow down, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing personally I would love to have a little down time to rest and read some books and study some. Steve and I have audio from several investigations that we are getting done but it is a slow process.

I would be interested in what your thoughts are when it comes to the paranormal as far as what do you think about spirits? What do you think about guides, do you believe in them? What about mediums or psychics? If you believe in Jesus Christ and God how does all of this fit in with your life? I know how it fits into mine!

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