Posted on January 4, 2011


Already in January, New Years Eve was a pretty normal night, nothing different than really any other year, New Years Day a investigation right off the bat! We are not sure what we found since we have not reviewed evidence yet.

This is the month for new things to start and I am no different than anyone else with this, like many I want to get into shape, I have my exercise area set up for the most part and did my workout this morning!  My daughter says she is getting into shape as well.

I have many other things that I want to accomplish this year as well.  Many doors have been opened for me in December and I intend to follow up with those doors and learn as much as I can. There comes a point in your life where you either accept who you are and embrace the gifts that you have or you don’t. Sometimes those gifts come with a responsibility that you either accept or don’t, I chose to accept both and embrace them and learn from them and to help others.

Love and Light my friends!

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